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Baby Care Class Power Point

Power Point Slides from Jan 15th Baby Care Class


Breastfeeding Booklet

Learning to Breastfeed

Toronto Pubic Health Video

Signs Feeding is Going Well

Keep this chart handy during your first few days of after baby is born. Don't forget to keep a record of the baby's Pee's & Poo's and frequency of feeds!

Infant Feeding Resource

Infant Formula Feeding booklet

Developmental Checklists

Sign up for free! The Looksee Checklist monitors a child's development from 1 month to 6 years of age with tips to help them grow.

Health Babies Healthy Children Program


A website to help you understand infant crying including understanding colic

Newborn Screening

Health and Safety

Safe Sleep

Sun Safety Tips for Parents

Learn about how you can keep your baby safe in the sun

A parents guide to Vaccination

Health Information about vaccinations

Cannabis Use

Pregnancy & Cannabis

Cannabis Use

Breastfeeding & Cannabis

Car Seat Information

Car seat safety information for newborns and your growing child

Brain Development

Tips for Parents:

Brain Development

Baby Wants

Easy things you can do to secure attachment and support the development of your baby

Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain Website:

A great website with short videos about creating healthy brain including information about playing with your baby, sleep and routines

Early Child Development

Learn about programs in your community that can support your childs growth and development

Tips for Building you childs Speech and language skills

Short Videos on how you can support your child speach and language skills and access to speech and language checklists


Canada’s Food Guide

Nutrition Information for the whole family

Feeding your Baby - Introduction to Solid Foods

Feeding Guide for introducing solids to your baby. This guide includes signs for readiness, and tips on how to introduce solids.

Resources for Parents

Health Education website:

About Kids Health - This website is powered by Sick Kids Hospital.

Mental Health - Perinatal Mood Disorders


Dads resource manual

Keeping Children Safe around the house

Environmental Health

Cleaning Products & Child Health