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This Exclusive page is ONLY for Parents who attended our Childbirth Class.

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Childbirth Class Handouts

Power Point slides shared in class

Guide to labour and birth

Booklets with some easy to read labour and birth information

Preterm Labour - Signs & Symptoms

Hospital Bag Checklist

Free Download!!

This checklist suggest what to pack for you, your support person and the baby.

Tip: Check the website for your place of birth for additional items that may be required

Breathing Techniques Video

Practice these breathing techniques on your own or with your support person before you go in to labour

Positions for labour Video

Practice these positions with your support person before going in to labour

Your Baby's Journey

Cardinal Movements of labour. Watch this video to see your baby's journey to the real world (No graphic content)

Baby's Position During Labour and Birth

Watch how your baby progresses through the birth canal

Signs that feeding is going well

Watch how your baby progresses through the birth canal


Canada’s Food Guide

Nutrition Information for the whole family

Breastfeeding Information for Parents

Antiboitic Eye Ointment After Delivery

Resources for Parents

A parents guide to Vaccination

Health Information about vaccinations

Car Seat Information

Car seat safety information for newborns and your growing child

Governement of Canada Child Car Seat Safety Video

Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep and SIDS Video